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1. Acceptance of the Terms of Use

When you enter and/or use IN2WTUBE.com, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions as stated in the Terms of Use as well as the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with any of the conditions in the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, please do not enter or use the IN2WTUBE website.

2. IN2WTUBE Website

These Terms of Use are applicable to all visitors and users of IN2WTUBE. This includes all individuals and businesses who contribute to the site in any way including content, information, advertisements and other materials which can be found at the IN2WTUBE website. IN2WTUBE.com contains links to third-party websites which are not part of IN2WTUBE.com. These websites have their own Terms of Use and are not subject to the Terms of Use as defined here. IN2WTUBE does not endorse or take responsibility for any of the content found at third-party sites. When using IN2WTUBE.com, you agree that IN2WTUBE will not be held liable for any third-party site. IN2WTUBE.com strongly encourages you to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies of all third-party sites that you visit.

3. Access to Website

A. IN2WTUBE will hereby permit access to and use of the website in accordance with the Terms of Use under these following conditions:

You are at least 18 years of age or the legal age for viewing adult content in your place of residence.

You will use IN2WTUBE.com only for personal use. All commercial use of the site is forbidden and you will not replicate, copy or distribute any of the content found at IN2WTUBE.com in any form without prior written consent from IN2WTUBE.

You will use the site for its intended purpose and will not modify the site or alter it in any way other than what is deemed as reasonable

You agree to all the terms in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

B. Some of the features at the website require you to create an account in order to use them. By creating an account, you agree to provide accurate information. You will be held accountable for all your actions as an account holder at IN2WTUBE.com. You will not use another person's account unless you have received prior written notice from that account holder. If there has been any unauthorized activity of your account, you are obligated to inform IN2WTUBE immediately. IN2WTUBE will not be held liable for any breach of security or unauthorized use of your account. However, you may be held liable for any losses to IN2WTUBE or to other account holders due to unauthorized account use.

C. It is forbidden to use any sort of automated system in order to access IN2WTUBE.com and send messages to the servers in an amount that could not be reasonably produced by a human being using non-automated online web browsers during the same given timeframe. These forbidden automated systems include but are not limited to "robots", "spiders", and "offline readers."

IN2WTUBE allows permission to operators of public search engines to use "spiders" in order to access and copy the content found at the website but only for the purpose of making the content available to the public through search engines. The spiders may not be used for creating archives of content found at IN2WTUBE.com.

You will not use IN2WTUBE.com to solicit or harvest any personal information of the site's users. This includes but is not limited to account names and email addresses. You also agree not to use the site or its users for any purposes of commercial solicitation.

IN2WTUBE may revoke any of these conditions or make exceptions at any point.

4. Intellectual Rights to the Content at this Site

With the exception of User Content (see below), all of the content at IN2WTUBE.com is owned by or licensed to IN2WTUBE and it is subject to the laws of copyright and intellectual property rights as defined by the laws of the United States, foreign countries and international conventions. This content includes but is not limited to all the text, graphics, photos, sounds, videos, scripts, software, features, logos, trademarks, and service marks which can be found at IN2WTUBE.com. In the event of a known, alleged or suspected violation of Copyright law or trademark infringement, IN2WTUBE reserves the right to report the violation to any law enforcement authority. In this event, IN2WTUBE may terminate any account believed to have part in the violation.

All of the content found at IN2WTUBE.com is meant for personal use only. It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, transmit, display, sell, license, distribute or use the content in any commercial manner or manner other than personal use unless written permission from IN2WTUBE or the respective owner has been received prior. While using the site, you will not interfere or go around any of the security features that are designed to protect content or restrict its use.

5. User Submissions

A. "User Submissions" includes any content including videos, photos and other forms of communication which has been posted onto the IN2WTUBE.com site by site users or members. By submitting any content to IN2WTUBE.com, you are granting IN2WTUBE the right to use that content royalty-free with the right to copy, modify, edit, publish, display, distribute, translate, or make any modifications to the content and exploit the rights to that content in any and all forms including commercial uses.

B. By submitting content to IN2WTUBE.com, you understand that you are not guaranteed any confidentiality. IN2WTUBE reserves the right to use your name or aliases in regards to any submissions.

C. All users will be held responsible for their own submissions and any consequence which may result from the posting of such content. By posting content to IN2WTUBE.com, you warrant that:

You have all the appropriate permissions required to post that content. This includes all licenses, consents, and rights which are relevant and necessary.

You give IN2WTUBE the permission to use all the proprietary rights in relation to that content including patent, trade secret, copyright, and trademark. You permit the content to be used as defined in the Terms of Use.

You will keep all of the ownership rights in regards to your User Submission but grant IN2WTUBE and any of its affiliates or other businesses the right to use the User Submission in any way worldwide and royalty-free including reproduction, distribution, display and transferable license to use. You give all IN2WTUBE users the right to access your User Submission and to use the content as defined under the Terms of Use.

That you have all the written consents, releases and permissions necessary for the posting/publishing of the content from all identifiable persons that appear in the submission. You also have the permissions to use the name or likeness of any person in the submission.

All the persons in your User Submission were at least 18 years of age when the submission was created. This includes people in the visual depictions whether or not the act is considered sexual explicit conduct.

D. You agree that you will not contribute any material to the User Submissions which depicts or implies any person who is under 18 years of age. YOU WILL NOT POST OR CONTRIBUTE TO THE POSTING OF ANY CONTENT THAT SHOWS A PERSON UNDER 18 YEARS OLD! This includes but is not limited to material that shows minors in non-sexual content, fully clothed, or as a bystander.


6. The operators and owners of IN2WTUBE are not the primary producers of the visual content found at the site as defined in 18 U.S.C. Section 2257 and 28 C.F.R. Part 75.

All other visual content found at IN2WTUBE.com is exempt from 18 U.S.C. Section 2257 and 28 C.F.R. Part 75 because they are not defined in 18 U.S.C Section 2256 (2) (A)-(D). This visual content is non-sexual, do not contain explicit nudity, is simulated sexual content, or are exempt because the visual content was created before November 1, 1990 or were reproduced, published, produced or reissued prior to May 26, 1992.

7. IN2WTUBE does not endorse any of the content from User Submissions and will not be held liable in connection to any content in the User Submissions. IN2WTUBE will not condone any intellectual property or copyright infringement on the website. Any content that infringes or is suspected to infringe on such rights will be removed. IN2WTUBE may remove any content or User Submission without notice or reason at any time. IN2WTUBE may also terminate any User's account or restrict a User's access to the site and its content without notice or reason.